I am glad to be able to respond with high praise for Dr. Benson and her training abilities.  She has presented to every teacher in my 4k – grade 5 elementary school.  She did so on 2 occasions so we were able to focus on grade level needs and more general best practices for grade bands (4k – gr. 2 and gr 3 – 5).  Specialists including art, gym, music, special education, ELL, and Speech, Reading, and Math specialists were in attendance. They benefitted from the strategies that lend themselves to good instructional practice regardless of the student populations they see.

The most telling experience for me was the exuberance from staff when they learned she was returning.  It has shaped our approach to serving all students and we often refer back to her many powerful examples and activities (some teachers have duplicated them with their students).  She is a teacher’s teacher and we can’t wait to have her back.


Colin Jacobs

Rawson School Principal

South Milwaukee, WI

(414) 766 – 2906

I have both attended and hosted many of Dr. Benson’s training events. Her knowledge is surpassed only by her passion for the topic and understanding of individuals affected by ASD’s.

In my work with the Autism Society of Central Wisconsin I have had the opportunity to attend many training events and see a wide variety of speakers. Dr. Benson has provided more useful information and thoughtful inspiration than any other.

Thank You,

Mike Johnson


Autism Society of Central Wisconsin

Glenis has presented for the Autism Society several times. Her presentations are consistently some of the best-attended and highest-rated workshops we present. She offers a deep understanding of autism and insights into behavioral challenges in students with autism, as well as strategies for success.

Emily Levine

Executive Director, Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin


There is no one more knowledgeable, educated or conversant on the topic of autism than Glenis Benson.  She is truly the definition of the word “expert”, yet her extraordinary communication skills enable all audiences to genuinely understand autism spectrum disorders (ASD).  Glenis ensures that you have a thorough understanding of the core essential traits of ASD which lays the foundation necessary to empathize and appreciate this seemingly complex disorder.  She brings with her unending personal experience which makes the information come alive and allows practical application.  Furthermore Glenis’ presentations are relaxed and amusing.

Kathy McCoy

School Psychologist

Merrill Area Public Schools

“Dr. Benson’s knowledge and understanding of the Autism Spectrum Disorders is amazing and is reflected in the webinars that she has developed for us. She is an excellent presenter.”

Jyutika Mehta, PhD., CCC-SLP

SLP Consultant

Region10 ESC



Thank you for training with our WAFCA Social Work In-service Program this spring.  I hope you enjoyed the experience.

As you will see from the attached sampling of comments from the evaluation forms, the response was overwhelmingly positive.  You received an overall rating of 4.71 out of a possible 5, which basically equates to a “fantastic” on our scale.

Comments included:

“Excellent training, very informative and great examples. I feel much more educated and feel like I can offer more support and knowledge to providers and families I work with.”

“Really great presenter. Loved all the examples and stories to help understand the concepts.”

“Glenis was very engaging. Great examples and information – very vast and helpful. Extremely knowledgeable.”

It was a pleasure working with you and hope you will consider training with us again in the future.


Thank you!


Kathy Markeland, Associate Director

WI Association of Family & Children’s Agencies

131 W. Wilson St., #901

Madison, WI 53703



To whom it may concern;

This letter is an endorsement for Dr. Glenis Benson, a truly magnificent educator for many years.  I have been privileged to take several courses taught by Glenis and have always learned a great deal from her, even being in education myself for over thirty years!  She never disappoints as an instructor.
Having said that, it is imperative for you to know that Glenis’ expertise is truly children on with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (A.S.D.).  Never in all my years working with children have I ever met a person so well versed on the subject of autism.
I continually look forward to any classes I might be able to take with her as the teacher (on behalf of Viterbo University) for all of the newest and latest information on autism I will walk away with.  I use techniques taught to me, by her, in my classroom everyday!
Should you decide to secure Dr. Glenis Benson for your training needs, you will never regret it!

Northland Pines School District
Karen L. Rauer

While a Director of Special Education and Pupil Services at Lakeland Union High School, I contracted with Glenis Benson to provide autism training to the special education department members as well as parents.

This training was invaluable to both staff and parents. Her keen eye as she observed students and vast amount of intervention strategies greatly benefited our staff and students.

As I am now in the Ashland School District, I would not hesitate to have Dr. Benson provide professional development to our district staff.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Karen Baker

Director of Pupil Services

2000 Beaser Avenue

Ashland, WI 54806

715-682-7080 X 6004