Colleague in tears

I consult far and wide on ASDs and behaviors.  Some schools and personnel are more responsive than others; sometimes the task is easier than other times.  A colleague rang me last week imploring me to answer the questions “does consulting really work?”  She’d had a rough day.  The young boy she was retained for was held in a restraint for the better part of the morning.  He’d wanted to accompany his class to an prized event but you see, he hadn’t completed his ‘work’ so therefore he needed to be ‘held back’ so as to complete what someone deemed more important than allowing this young man the predictability of accompanying his peers to this preferred event.  And so a rage ensued, and staff felt justified to restrain him, and therefore his day was ruined (as was that of the staff) but also that of my colleague. You see she tried valiantly to convince school personnel that a) their hold was downright dangerous, b) the little guy could not control his rage since his predictability had been so incredibly violated, and c) relationships were forever eroded by staff hogtying him in this manner.  Who won?  Who chooses to remain in such a climate? But, we have no choice.  We must continue to advocate for better training for personnel, improved understanding of the disability, and R E S P E C T for all involved.  I’m not convinced my pep talk was effective.


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